Build healthier, thicker hair from the inside out with the power of vitamins. Supplements can be an effective way to prevent hair loss and shedding, especially if you are nutrient-deficient. We use top-quality, hair-strengthening vitamins to help your hair live its best life. Hair-friendly nutrients:

Vitamin A: Essential for fast hair growth and the production of sebum (the scalp’s natural moisturiser), vitamin A is a key nutrient for healthy locks. Vitamin A deficiency has even been linked to hair loss (but so has excess vitamin A, so don’t go overboard).

B-Vitamins: B-vitamins are also vital for healthy hair, with biotin being especially crucial (again, deficiency is linked with hair loss).

Zinc: Responsible for hair growth and repair and proper functioning of the scalp’s oil glands, zinc is an essential nutrient for happy hair.

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