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Sorting Fact From Fiction Can You Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the great frustrations and anxieties impacting upon the lives of adults. From older generations who experience the gradual degradation to younger individuals who are surprised by the rate of their loss, it can be a genuine shock.

This is a domain that can impact upon self-esteem and confidence as well as feelings of hopelessness and acceptance. What can often emerge from these two scenarios are contrasting beliefs and opinions at either end of the spectrum.

On one side there is the acquisition of the quick miracle cure that works 100% of the time for all constituents irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity. Another school of thought is that the loss of hair is purely genetic and nothing can be done to solve it.

Here we will attempt to sort fact from fiction, outlining some preventative techniques that have a mixture of success rates.

Regular Washing

The degradation of the scalp condition is an area of concern for men and women worried about hair loss. That is why a regular to semi-regular application of shampoo and conditioner is viewed as a sensible solution to mitigate against a dry and itchy scalp. Harsh formulas can erode this area with regular application, so a soft to mild formula is best practice for constituents in this instance.

Dieting Right

Amid all of the scientific remedies and solutions that are mentioned on the topic of hair loss, it can be basic dieting principles that offset the problem at its core. Protein rich foods are associated with the growth and quality of individual hair follicles, including eggs, fish, chicken, beans and nuts. Combating the ailment of alopecia is another area where herbs and vegetables are seen as a suitable remedy. To go a step further, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin H are recommended to fight against hair deficiency, alopecia and retaining a healthy scalp condition.

Application of Oils

There are two oils that are seen as a suitable solution for fighting against the onset of hair loss – olive oil and coconut oil. The first is utilised in a number of products from salons and studios, ensuring that the hair is not irreparably damaged by dryness and breakage. The latter is utilised for individuals who experience degradation via UV light exposure, a scenario where the roots deteriorate when left out in the sun for too long.

Laser Therapies

One of the more risker and expensive approaches to take with hair loss is to source laser therapies. These outlets seek to stimulate the epidermal stem cells for those participants who generally experience genetic loss of their hair, but it is a tactic that has mixtures of success and can cause some unwanted side effects. This is a method that some individuals adopt when they have exhausted other alternatives in the market, paying hundreds of dollars per consultation to improve upon their hair density and coverage.

Unique Hair Growth Formulas

Fortunately there are products on the market that have been uniquely designed to address the problem of hair loss for men and women. By and large these items are the most successful treatments on the market. They include many of the supplementary elements that the other techniques embrace without being an expensive burden or guaranteeing success for each and every customer.

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will guarantee that an individual avoids any hair loss over the span of their lifetime. Regular shampoo washing and the use of sensible hair growth formulas complimented with vitamin intake is the smartest approach to take for men and women concerned about their hair density and coverage. Due to a person’s genetic makeup, their loss and capacity to cover will be dependent largely on their genes, but these methods can minimise the damage and improve chances for regrowth.