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Some of The Things You Can Expect To Happen During And After Pregnancy

There are all sorts of changes that the body will go through in life that people are able to get ready for. One example of this is when parents notice that their teenagers are acting a bit differently and they can then assume that they are going through a hormonal change. On the other end of the spectrum, women may notice that they experience similar changes when they are going through menopause.

Whatever the case may, the chances are that other people have gone through these changes before and so people can do a little bit of research so that they can prepare themselves for what is to come. This can be especially important for those who are about to become mums for the first time as there are a lot of things that can change throughout this process. This includes things that can occur throughout the pregnancy as well as things that occur afterwards and so this post will explore this topic a little further, specifically in regards to what can happen to one’s hair.

You can expect to have glowing and luscious locks throughout the pregnancy

When most people hear about pregnancy, all they hear about is all of the bad things that happen to come along with this. Things such as throwing up unexpectedly, unwanted gas, crying spells, as well as much, much more. What people may not have heard about is the fact that they are likely going to have the most beautiful hair, skin, and nails throughout this time.

The reason for this is because people will experience a surge in hormones that will not drop as they will not be ovulating or shedding their lining throughout this time. And while some will have a hard time with nausea and perhaps vomiting, the chances are that they will have thicker hair that rarely falls out and that is lovely and shiny. Similarly, people will have strong and shiny nails that will grow super quickly (so many will have to have several manicure appointments in this time).

On top of all of this, people will experience an increase of blood volume in their body and so their skin will be getting more oxygen and circulation. This can lead to a rosy complexion (which is why so many women get told that they are glowing) and to extremely clear skin. All of these reasons are why so many women love getting pregnancy photos done at this time.

You may end up losing all of your extra hair all at once about three-four months after pregnancy

Another thing that people may not be aware of is the fact that they may lose all of the extra hair that they had gained during pregnancy after they have given birth. After about three-four months, the body’s hormones will start to return to normal and will be once again preparing the body for a period (this time line can sometimes differ depending on if someone is breastfeeding or not). Either way, people will may notice that one day they look down in the shower to find clumps of hair under them.

But this is nothing to be alarmed about and is simply all part of the changes that the body goes through once people have given birth. Having said this, people should not have any bald patches and should not be losing their hair in clumps after about 12-months so if this is occurring people should visit their local general practitioner just to make sure everything is A-Okay.