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How to know when your hormones may be impacting your hair growth and fullness

There can sometimes be no worse feeling that when people are no longer able to grow their hair and they also start to notice that their locks are thinning out. This means that some people aren’t even able to wear their hair up as it will be too noticeable that their hair isn’t as thick as it once was. When people are feeling embarrassed this can often lead to people not wanting to get out as often as they did and may end up shutting themselves away.

As this can be a slippery slope to go down, it is important that people figure out the reason behind these sudden changes. For instance, people may be able to chat with their parents to see if they or their grandparents went through similar symptoms around the same age. If this is the case, then it may be something that is caused simply by genetics.

For those who don’t have this type of thing run in the family, then it may be time to look into some alternative theories. And so, here is how to know when your hormones may be impacting your hair growth and fullness.

It may be a sign that hormones are impacting your hair growth and fullness when changing your diet doesn’t help

It is not uncommon in current times to see people experiencing allergies or at the very least some kind of food intolerance. There are many theories why this is the case but whatever the reason may be, people will need to figure out if they fall into one of these categories. This is because when someone is eating foods that do agree with their body, they may end up experiencing some symptoms such as rashes, bloating, skin issues, and even hair loss.

The good news is that there is plenty of help out there for those who suspect that they are having issues with some kind of food and so they are able to safely go on an elimination diet. This is where people will remove most things from their diet such as citrus, fructose, gluten, etc., and will then bring each food group back one by one so that they can monitor their symptoms to see what is effecting them. Once people have removed certain foods and are still experiencing hair issues, it may be time to order some tests to see if hormones are the issue.

It may be a sign that hormones are impacting your hair growth and fullness when decreasing your stress levels doesn’t help

There are many sayings out there that revolve around people saying something along the lines of “I was tearing my hair out.” This usually means that they were so stressed that they were pulling their own hair out as opposed to it falling out on its own which is what can happen when someone is experiencing chronic stress. So when people learn about this, they will usually go about implementing a bunch of practices that will help reduce their stress levels overall.

This can include things such as implementing a meditation or breathing practice, participating in exercise such as yoga, seeking help from a therapist, and/or regularly having Epsom salt baths. What can sometimes be deflating, however, is when people finally get their stress levels under control only to find that their hair is still thinning and falling out. This is usually a clear sign that something else is at play here and it very well could be a hormonal imbalance to blame.