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2019 Hairstyle Trends to Recognise

Hairstyle trends come in and out of fashion like everything in popular culture.

Once they are embraced by celebrities, fashionistas, brands and high profile figures, they soon become part of the culture at large.

Taking note of trends is not to everyone’s tastes, but it is a fascinating exercise to examine what is occurring and why these shifts in attitudes and behaviours with hair are taking place.

Let us recognise, appreciate and questions these stylings in equal measure for the year of 2019.

Grown-Out Pixie

A regulation pixie hairstyle might be seen as too drastic for some women who are anxious about a very short look, but the grown-out version is a means of having it both ways. This is an approach that has developed in popularity in France as it works as an extension of the ultra-short pixie style that became fashionable again as a retro aesthetic. It allows the consumer to work in their natural hairstyle without being consumed by product and conditioning, offering a versatility that is appealing and fresh.

The Blunt Bob

A chic cut that has really come on in 2019 is the blunt bob. Now being sported by celebrities of all persuasions, this is a hairstyle that balances formality with practicality without ever appearing pretentious or overworked. Women who have a natural side part will find this aesthetic appealing, offering a chance for a sleek appearance or a soft and freestyle method depending on how the individual is feeling on the day. Given the widespread nature of the shorter cut in 2019, the blunt bob is a suitable solution. If fashion moves in cycles, then the blunt bob is a shift away from the 1990s and 2000s back to the 1970s when hair above the shoulder was the option of choice for fashionistas and pop culture icons.

The Effortless Chop

The appeal to the effortless chop is clearly in the name. This hairstyle is designed to confine the hair to taper off at the neck and allow the individual to wear it messy, collect it to one side or to scrunch it up. It has become a trend in 2019 because of the ‘less is more’ approach that embraces the natural colour and texture of the hair itself. The good news with choosing this option at the local salon is that it can easily be transitioned into a different style, ensuring there is no extensive product being applied that leaves a lasting impact on the follicles.

Modern Top-Knots

Women who really want to embrace a bold new look would be wise to take note of the modern top-knot trend that is sweeping hairstyle salons and studios in 2019. On the surface it appears as though it is an incomplete aesthetic, but that is essentially the appeal, offering a bun at the top to tie in all of the loose hair. Whether through accident or design, this has become a maneuver that has spawned something of a movement on fashion runways, without ever really translating to metropolitan or suburban communities. This is a bold selection on the surface but could be most suitable for women who struggle with their conditioning and maintenance and want a quick solution for their styling in the morning.


It will be curious to see where hairstyle trends for women head into 2020 and beyond. Some presentations will likely break the mold whilst others will be extensions of what has already taken place from 2019. One of the underlying themes that is evident from the trends that have been showcased this year is a return to a 1970s approach where overt styling and conditioning is making way for embracing a natural tone and texture. That is liberating for many consumers and offers greater choice for patrons who want to source a fresh look for the new season.